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Peace Circle in Petaling Jaya

Creators of Peace Malaysia

For Siti, Thency and Tia it was a time of discovery as they spent the weekend together with Sister Suraya, Jana, Therese (Philippines), Elsi, Wei Hong, Lindu and Bertha (Sabha).  Ten of us created a sacred space upstairs in Tia’s house located in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.  We were a group  comprising all ages, communities and with varied professional experiences. We had those who worked with women from economic and socially disadvantaged backgrounds, those who sought to inspire young people and communities, those who campaigned for the betterment of the environment, animal rights, as well as child protection, along with those who worked in the corporate sector as well as committed mothers.

We forgot the time as we laughed, shared deeply about ourselves, expressed ourselves through creative art, role playing, singing and most importantly understanding and loving one another.  We created a space for reflection after every gathering point as well as throughout the day.  These silent spaces after every gathering point helped us to reflect  on each gathering point personally. We had enough space to reflect deeply within ourselves, allowing ourselves to experience the peace within during the circle and also taking this experience back with us as we continue our journey of life. 

Creators of Peace MalaysiaDuring the Forgiveness Gathering Point, one of the concerns that came up was how could forgiveness at a personal level have bearing on the social and international level.  The story of Irene Laure from France reconciling France and Germany after the second world War as well as stories of other peace creators like Didacienne Mukahabeshimana from Rwanda who began to help the perpetrators of the genocide to re-build her nation helped us to reflect on this very important issue of creating peace in a world full of conflict where 33 million people are displaced to this date.

At the end of the circle we created our own peace statements to take back with us.  As we said our goodbyes, our hugs were tighter than ever as a promise to be friends for life.

Below is a peace statement from all of us as well as individual expressions.

Peace arises from unconditional love (agape) in oneself that grows and connects individuals to achieve harmony and unity collectively.

The harsh world that we live in today does not permit the nurturing of Peace. It is ever elusive and made to seem like an ideal that is unattainable. Most of us have become distanced from this ideal by our own inaction. We grow comfortable in discord and indirectly contribute to chaos. It is a collective 'forgetting'. Our essential selves know Peace to be a birth right. The COP provided that safe space and loving guidance to 'remember' our essence. I gained immensely from it and look forward to incorporating what I learnt in my daily life despite the inherent existing challenges. (Janarthani)

Creators of Peace MalaysiaThe Creators of Peace programme is very important for every woman because one cannot imagine how a family institution which is the place where initial peace begins is managed by a woman who is not in peace herself nor she understands how crucial peace is at home and how she would shape the members of her family as she becomes the first school for her children.  (Siti)

As for my experience from the two days, I have learnt that peace comes from within and by being present and fully living in the moment without having to worry about the future and carrying the burden of the past, we can truly be happy and this will have a positive effect on the people around us.

Coming from a corporate background and having worked in a few organizations, I have come across many instances where because of greed for power, money and fame, there were many lives affected and peace was being disrupted. By having fair and ethical workplaces, I believe many lives will be improved. In a way, how I see myself being part of safeguarding my workplace is to ensure that unfair situations and unethical business practices are being addressed. (Wei Hoong)

I enjoyed being with our sisters of peace makers for that two memorable days.  I felt that I have long missed that true, simple understanding of what friendship truly means regardless of faith, creed or colour even race and nations. (Sister Suraya)

Creators of Peace in Malaysia*Silent moment every morning.
*Love myself.

*Be mindful of my thoughts and words. (Bertha)

*I will think positive rather than act reactionary….
*I will maintain peace in my heart by whisper peace everyday…

*I will always accept anyone that hurt me…. (Lindu)

I have realised that reflecting is a very effective way to gain internal peace.  It also matters if we have strong faith with the Lord (regardless the religion) internal peace is much easier to find if we trust in Him. (Therese)

During my first COP last year, I learnt to look within myself for solutions to challenges and learnt that peace does begin with me! This year, one of the most powerful sessions for me was the session on forgiveness. Despite the challenges that I faced trying to put forgiveness into practice, I tried very hard to do so. This year, experiencing the session again gave me a deeper realization that, often it is easier to practice forgiveness towards others. The biggest challenge when putting forgiveness into practice is learning how to forgive myself. I am reminded that in order to really be at peace, it is important that I learn to forgive myself and to love myself. I hope to put this into practice in my life. (Thency)