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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wonderful Ladies gathered for Creators of Peace

Creators of Peace Malaysia

We had the Creators of Peace Workshop at Tia’s place from the 30 August till 1 September. Tia Nair, Ng Chui Cheng and Soumya Iyer facilitated this workshop with six women from different walks of life participating; from a creative dancer, to a trainer, to a PhD student and women working in areas of legal rights and child care. The different backgrounds and the combined richness of experience from the ladies brought a depth of sharing and momentum to the three days Creators of Peace circle; each doing their bit and playing a fulfilling role in society, while at the same time sharing common concerns for the communities, environment and society.

The ladies were strengthened by shared convictions to shift from an unconscious society that is becoming robotic and uncaring in the pursuit of materialistic progress to a more mindful and compassionate society that is in balance. Through the Creators of Peace Malaysiaactivities and acknowledging that peace begins first through self reflection and a change within oneself, that one must perceive that change is possible though also accepting the things that cannot be changed, having the strength and perseverance to pursue the changes to create a better space.

The free and open sharing of stories and experiences, the deep listening and the feeling of being listened too and being cared for, the camaraderie and friendship that was formed, made this small community realize that life’s journey need not be experienced alone and each had experiences that once shared, opened up a space of knowing oneself better. This enabled us to question our fear barriers and liberate us further to reinforce and continue what we are doing or to act.

Creators of Peace in Malaysia in 2013An important segment that was covered was on forgiveness, where we acted out the stories of two people who managed great feats of forgiveness and then went along to achieve much greater feats with an open heart. By getting into the characters of Irene Laure, a French socialist who overcame her hatred of the Germans after World War II and played a pivotal role in European unity and Mahboba Rawi an Afghan lady who overcame a personal tragedy by serving and adopting children, we sensed the poignancy of what it meant and felt to truly forgive. These two remarkable ladies not only learned to forgive but freed themselves to better serve community and society.

Creators of Peace MalaysiaAs we approached the end of the workshop, we found a thread that connected us, a togetherness that we felt, a spirit of support that we cherished and we each took away with us that creation of connectedness and hope to bring back to the circle that rejuvenation in which ever shape of form that it may take; whether it be over a cup of coffee, a gathering or any other means that it may take.

Ending with something that was shared:

The more we understand, the less we fear. The less we fear, the more we risk. The more we risk, the more we trust. The more we trust, the more we love.