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Friday, December 31, 2010

Creators of Peace Malaysia

2010 Report

4th – 6th March 2010: The fourth Creators of Peace Circle, and the 1st for the year 2010, was facilitated by Tia and Regina at the Tools for Change Kuala Lumpur Conference.
May 2010: The fifth Creators of Peace Circle was conducted by Chui Cheng and San San for the Mandarin-speaking group.
21st - 23rd May 2010: The sixth Creators of Peace Weekend Circle was conducted by Regina, Liz, and Cherry. Cherry was a participant from the October 2009 Circle and decided to become a facilitator. The Circle was held at Liz’s home.
May – June 2010: The seventh Creators of Peace Circle was conducted with women from the eHomemakers group in Kuala Lumpur. Liz and Tia conducted this Circle over a few weeks.
13 June 2010: First Facilitators’ training held. The purpose of these monthly meetings is to share best practices, educate on facilitating skills, build camaraderie among facilitators and inspire each other! To date, there are 14 facilitators who have signed up.
10 July 2010: Second Facilitators’ training held. The second Gathering Point was facilitated by Millicent.
13 August 2010: The third facilitators’ training meeting was pleased to have Trish McDonald-Harrison visit with us and share with us on the Sydney Peace Conference. Trish was on her way from Australia to the Board meeting in Caux.
18 September 2010: Fourth Facilitators’ training held.
8th - 10th October 2010: The eighth Creators of Peace Weekend Circle was conducted by Tia, Chui Cheng, and Wen Sy. Wen Sy was a participant from the May 2010 Circle and took the next step to becoming a facilitator. The hostess for this circle was Shareen Iqbal who participated in the circle.
16 October 2010: Fifth Facilitators’ training held.
19th October 2010: A Yahoo group was created to connect the women who have participated in the Creators of Peace Circles since February 2009. To date, over 40 women have participated in the Creators of Peace Circles in Malaysia. The Yahoogroup is named creatorsofpeace_iofcmalaysiagroup.
30th October 2010: Quiet Time initiative was held at Shareen Iqbal’s home at 7.30am. This is a monthly project initiated by Shareen after participating in the October Circle.
27th November 2010: Planning meeting with facilitators. We shall discuss dates for next year’s Creators of Peace Circles and other activities for the Creators of Peace.
11th December 2010: Upcoming Creators of Peace Alumnae Gathering.
'The story-telling in the circle is the unique power of the Circle and the fact that no one was dominating made it a safe space for sharing.'
– Millicent Bogert, Creators of Peace participant, 2010.

'It was a memorable occasion for sure and I would love to have more experiences like that!'
- Shareen Iqbal, Creators of Peace participant, 2010.