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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Creators of Peace in Malaysia

On 29 April, we had a casual social gathering amongst ladies to share experiences and connect once again as Creators of Peace. This gathering was organized by Regina Morris and Tia Nair together with Shoshana Faire who helped facilitate the session at Tia and Haridas Nair’s place.

In this session we had about 15 ladies from different walks of life, some of whom had been through a Creators of Peace session in the past and were here just to reacquaint themselves, to touch base and to reconnect with the principles and with each other. Shoshana in her easy yet effective manner, immediately made us feel comfortable in the space and open to sharing. She guided and went through the principles of being a Creator of Peace that in a broad summation meant to be able to forgive and create a compassionate, confidential open space to be able to listen to our inner voice, reflect and share to create a community of trust and understanding.

The two and a half hour session amongst the ladies, with the sharing and appreciation of one another, reinforced a need for such spaces. Women and men too; there was some discussion on this, could gather, share experiences, thoughts and ideas in a confidential, trust building space, which would in turn help them become more effective in other aspects of their lives, aside from creating camaraderie and fellowship amongst us creators of peace.

by Soumya Iyer