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In 2009, Tools for Change (T4C) International was organized outside Switzerland for the first time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Subsequently this has been a yearly event with excellent feedback. The fourth T4C Kuala Lumpur was held on the 22—25 March 2012.

How individual change at the microlevel may be manifested positively to affect societal change at the macro level.

The venue was De Palma Seminar & Conference Centre in Petaling Jaya, Selangor




  • Understand personal change
  • Become catalysts and agents for change
  • Gain global perspectives enabling out-of-the-box thinking and analysis
  • Acquire skills and tools that inject dynamism into your organization
  • Build capacity to strengthen and sustain CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives

The conference was about how individual change at the microlevel may be manifested positively to affect societal change at the macro level.

Padmini Solomon has sent the following report:

And so another landmark 'Tools for Change KL 2012', the fourth since it was launched in 2009, has concluded. Initiatives of Change (IofC) stands for change to happen one person at a time. The idea drew together participants from Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Canada, Iran and host country Malaysia. The 3+ days were packed with activities and energised by the enthusiasm of about 60 participants. Held at the "De Palma Seminar & Convention Centre" at the PKNS building in Petaling Jaya, the conference was spread over the period 22 - 25 March 2012.

The Conference was designed on the pattern of the previous meetings, opening with quiet time, small group check-ins, world café, morning plenary sessions and open space technology, afternoon workshops and concluding with networks for action. The opening address was delivered by Mr Vijitha Yapa, a leading publisher and journalist from Sri Lanka. The afternoon workshop facilitators hailed from Denmark, Malaysia, and India. The KL Lecture Series on the theme Education: Today’s Realities, Tomorrow’s Expectations was presented through 3 speakers - Tijak Chopil from the Orang Asli (indigenous) community, Ansalam Doraisingam from the theatre scene and Melissa Norman from the job placement company, Kelly Services. The panel discussion was moderated by Ms Malar Ramalingam with humour and grace. There was also an 'Expression Night' for performing arts talent and a Marketplace for the sales of books and crafts.

A focus point at the plenary session 'Initiative of Change' was the case study of bringing “change within” to the employees of BESCOM, a public sector electricity supply company in Bangalore. Mr Dilip Patel, one of the prime movers of this initiative, outlined details of this programme and the change that resulted through the organisation. The concept of 'Quiet Time', a space for silent reflection enabled the “change within” to happen in peoples’ lives. This was also shared and practised regularly at the start of each day at the conference.

Unforgettable was Rohini de Mel from Sri Lanka who at 87 years young got on stage to do a rap song with her workshop group. It was also the first time there was a Cambodian landmine survivor at the conference. It would be no exaggeration to say that many cross-cultural/national friendships were forged.

Two Radio Interviews one before the conference (Bernama Radio 24) and one after at (BFM 89.9) captured the outreach into Malaysian society.

Eni from Indonesia: “Learned much .....listening, sharing and connecting with others to make your dreams come true - to make change happen!”

Cheat from Cambodia: “Very to different people....learned many life-skills...”

Amutha from Malaysia: “Want to bring my father next time for ‘out – of – the – box’ thinking....very enjoyable too”.

The 'Organising Committee' under the leadership of Dr Robert Chen worked hard to put this initiative together and much gratitude remains for all those who made this possible. Download in PDF